Blister Hanger

1986 Blister hanger

This aircraft hangar was designed by the notable British airport architect Graham R Dawbarn (1893-1976). The Blister hangar is an arched aircraft cover and was manufactured by Miskins and Sons. Originally made of wooden ribs and clad with corrugated metal sheets.

A similar blister hanger under construction

This example has a steel frame and so may be an ‘over blister’ or ‘extra over blister’ variant.

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  1. Can you give me a measurment on a blister hanger please its for a scale for diorama of raf scorton thankyou

  2. Darren – according to ‘British Military Airfields: 1939-45’ by David J Smith (PSL, 1989), “…the ‘standard’ Blister [had] a span of 45ft, the ‘Over Blister’ … a 65ft span and the ‘Extra Over Blister’ [was] 69ft wide. All types were 45ft long … some Blisters were bricked up at one end. They were easily doubled in length… ” I’m not clear if the Blister hangar [note correct spelling] pictured (evidently ‘Building 140.2’ on someone’s inventory) is at Dunsfold, but going by the pedestrian access door I suspect it must be one of the bigger ones. A little imagination might have you counting the vertical corrguted sheets to confirm the span (perhaps 36in wide, before allowing for sheet overlaps?).

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