Bomb Stores Site

Dunsfold Bomb Stores Plan

The Bomb Stores Site has two access roads with seven concrete hard standings in between and earth banks separating each hard standings or bays. These bays were used to store the bombs which were placed on wooden frames. The earth banks that separated each bay gave a degree of isolation should there be an accident and these are still visible.

Bomb Stores 2016
ROYAL AIR FORCE: 2ND TACTICAL AIR FORCE, 1943-1945. (CH 12840) A bomb train leaves the ordnance-store at Dunsfold, Surrey, for loading into North American Mitchells of No. 2 Group for an attack on flying-bomb sites in northern France, (‘Noball’). Copyright: © IWM. Original Source:
Fusing Point Hangar, former bomb store (Compare with view from 1943 above.) . Photo Dave Yoxall
ROYAL AIR FORCE: FIGHTER COMMAND, TACTICAL AIR FORCE, 1943. (CH 11038) North American Mitchell Mark II, FV916 ‘EV-N’ of No. 180 Squadron RAF, being refuelled and bombed up at Dunsford, Surrey, between cross-Channel sorties in support of Operation STARKEY. Copyright: © IWM. Original Source:

Please note: The aerodrome is private land and an active airfield. Access is not permitted to some of the buildings and features and we strongly discourage access without permission.

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  1. On the Record Site Plan a section of which is shown here of the Bomb Store what is the Air Ministry Drawing Number and Function of Building 148?

  2. Peter we have some more information and drawings of those structures. I will dig them out and try and get them uploaded asap.

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