FW188 VO-B “Beer” explosion on landing 8th Sept. 1944

During a sortie to attack guns positioned at Boulogne the crew of FW188 was unable to drop one of their bomb load. This “hung” bomb was stuck in the bomb bay and they were unable to release it over the Channel. Upon returning to Dunsfold at around 8.30pm they attempted to land at which point the bomb dropped to the runway and detonated under the aircraft. 3 of the crew were killed, one of the crew was rescued from the wreckage with extreme injuries, dying the next day. One ground crew was also killed from the explosion.

The following aircraft in the pattern approaching the runway saw the disaster and lifted wheels and went around, holding in a pattern with the rest of the Wing until an alternative runway could be prepared.

A 98 Squadron Mitchell landing on the Dunsfold main runway from the West. Source: IWM

Flying Officer   (Pilot)
Denis Llewellyn Loveridge
Service Number J/36150
Died 08/09/1944
98 (R.A.F.) Sqdn.   RCAF
Buried at Brookwood Military Cemetery

Flight Lieutenant (Navigator)
Robert Fraser Logie
Service Number C/2921
Died 08/09/1944
98 (R.A.F.) Sqdn. RCAF
Buried at Brookwood

Flying Officer (Air Gunner)
Service Number J/36594
Died 08/09/1944
98 (R.A.F.) Sqdn  RCAF
Buried at Brookwood


Pilot Officer (Wireless Op./Air Gunner)
George Churchard,
Service Number J/90254
Died 08/09/1944
98 (R.A.F.) Sqdn  RCAF
Son of Frederick George and Isabella Churchard, of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Buried at Brookwood

Albert Coulthurst Jones,
Service Number 614839
Died 08/09/1944
Buried at Brookwood

Expediencies of the day resulted in the remaining aircraft wreckage being bulldozed into the woods and canal to the South East of the aerodrome.


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