Harrier GR7 at Dunsfold Photo: Andy Lawson, BAe Systems
THE ROYAL NAVY 1976 – 2000 (CT 2393) British Aerospace Harrier GR 1 of No 20 Squadron RAF (ZD345 ’12’) in vertical climb. Copyright: � IWM. Original Source: http://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205027576


Royal Navy crewmen aboard the Invincible-class aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious (R06), prepare a 801 Naval Air Squadron BAe Sea Harrier FA2 for take off from the flight deck on 12 March 1998. Illustrious was operating in the Persian Gulf.

Banner Photo credit : Andy Lawson, BAe Systems

Night-time Ex-RAF Harrier at Cosford, credit www.steviebeats.co.uk

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  1. Work in Progress!

    This is just the beginning of our new DAHS website, and time restricts how much information we can add initially. We hope to widen the scope of this website and we actively encourage visitors to contribute information, photographs, anecdotes and data that can add to the wealth of information about these important subjects. Please do post a comment on what you see here, or if we have made errors in our published material… we will be most happy to correct. If you have first hand knowledge of the Harrier or were one of the 1000’s that worked at Dunsfold during the golden era, then we’d like to hear from you.

    DAHS webmaster

  2. Hi,

    I worked for BAe in the late 80’s / early 90’s on the Sea Harrier FRS2 program. The two dev aircraft where ZA195 (now at Tangmere) and XZ439 (how flying in the USA at displays). Google them! Fantastic days, fantastic place, fantastic website…thanks!

    Bryan Lade

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