British Aerospace

1942Dunsfold Aerdrome established for use by Royal Canadian Air Force.                                      
1944Runways and major T-2 and Blister Hangars completed.
1945Operation Exodus repatriates 47,000 through Dunsfold.
1948Skyways employ over 1,300 at the Service and Repair Centre.
1950Dunsfold Aerodrome purchased by Hawker Aircraft Ltd.
1951Avro 707 and the prototype Hawker Hunter flies at Dunsfold.
1953Neville Duke breaks the Air Speed Record.
1960First ‘tethered’ flight of the P1127.
1971Harrier AV-8A’s are produced for the US Marine Corps.
1974Hawker Siddeley HS1182 Hawk prototype (XX154) flies at Dunsfold
1977Hawker Siddeley Aviation merge with BAC and become British Aerospace.
1982Dunsfold activity increases with the Falkland Crisis.
1985Harrier II flies for the first time.
1988The first true Sea Harrier (ZA195) flies at Dunsfold
1999With the end of the Harrier Program, British Aerospace announce the closure of Dunsfold.
2002BAE Systems sells the Aerodrome to Royal Bank of Scotland

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Photo: Andy Lawson, BAe Systems


Harriers at Dunsfold. Photo Andy Lawson, BAe Systems


One of the first Hawks over Dunsfold. Photo: Andy Lawson, BAe Systems


Harrier GR5 ZD318 at Dunsfold in British Aerospace days, showing the Control Tower, 3 x Type A1 and Type T2 hangars  Photo: Geoff Lee, BAe Systems


Flight Line in the 1980’s heydays of BAe at Dunsfold: Andy Lawson, BAe Systems


Flight Line GR5, Hawk 200 and Hawks at Dunsfold: Andy Lawson, BAe Systems


The shadow of BAe.    Dunsfold November 5, 2003 Credit Andy Brandse

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