Kestrels – where are they now?


  • XP831 Hawker P.1127 1st prototype f/f 21/10/60 now at the Science Museum, London,
  • XP836 Hawker P.1127 2nd prototype f/f 7/7/61 w/o 14/12/61
  • XP972 Hawker P.1127 3rd prototype f/f 5/4/62 w/o 30/11/1962
  • XP976 Hawker P.1127 4th prototype f/f 12/7/62 crashed Tangmere, scrapped Faygate
  • XP980 Hawker P.1127  5th prototype f/f 24/2/63 taller fin, anhedral tail. Yeovilton UK
  • XP984 Hawker P.1127 6th prototype f/f 13/2/64 (effectively 1st Kestrel) with swept wing & Pegasus 5. Now fitted with P.1127 wing at Brooklands Museum UK

Kestrels in the US

All with swept wings and larger tail than the P.1127s

Kestrels in the UK

  • XS693 Hawker Kestrel FGA1 f/f 25/11/1964, w/o 21/09/1967 Boscombe Down UK
  • XS694 Hawker Kestrel FGA1 f/f 30/01/1965, to USAF 64-18268, now Wings Museum, Balcombe UK
  • XS695 Hawker Kestrel FGA1 f/f 19/02/1965, w/o 15/03/1967, to A2619, now RAF Cosford Museum UK
  • XS696 Hawker Kestrel FGA1 f/f 05/03/1965, w/o 01/04/1965, West Raynham UK

Pre-production Harriers

XV280 scrapped after being used for target practice

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  1. Re: XP984 Hawker P.1127 6th prototype
    The Mainplane now fitted at Brooklands is Serial Number BG 41H 723127 was fitted to XV790 and delivered on 30-06-70 to RAF Wittering.
    The Aircraft is configured as it was for flights 147 to174 “Harrier” Wing performance trials.

    The Mainplane that was fitted to XP984 before the restoration was a P1127 wing that was never used and when the drawing called up on the serial plate was investigated it was for P6 (XP984) this was confirmed when the Log card was found at Brough, marked as not used! The Mainplane has never been drilled off to accept the Over wing panels or Engine doors. Wings now hold the Mainplane for display at a later date.

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