Chronology of Test Pilots

Photo credit Bill Burroughs

Dunsfold was second home to a lot of people in the last 70 years. We hope to build a record of just some of those people that are a significant part of the history of the aerodrome.   We will be adding more information over the coming months – additional information and corrections most welcome.

Dunsfold Chief Test Pilots in chronological order:

Dunsfold Test Pilots in chronological order:

  • Don Riches 1968-1980
  • Jim Hawkins DCTP, French TP School   July 1986  
  • Taylor Scott DCTP FAA    October 1987
  • Paul Hopkins, Hawk 200 Project Pilot    1985 – 1988
  • Simon Hargreaves,FAA FRS2 / FA2    1992 – 1996
  • Mark Bowman 1998
  • Rod Frederiksen,  Falklands Ace TP  Late 80’s-early 90’s             
  • Steve Thomas, Falklands Ace TP  1992
  • Jim Ludford  Early 1990’s
  • Bernie Scot  Early 1990’s

Production Test pilots:

  • Frank Bullen,  WWII Spitfires &Mustangs,TP 49 – 60 ( Prod CTP 1955 – 1960 ) Later local Councillor.
  • Frank Murphy OBE, WWII Hurricanes,Typhoons, Tempests,  TP   1944 – 1955 ( inc Hunter crash at Ford )
  • David Lockspeiser 1955 – ? ( inc LDA-1 Boxer 1971 – 1987 )

Comms Pilots:

  • Mike Oliver,
  • Dick Whittington, WWII fighters, Test Pilot inc CTP Follands.
  • Chris Darwin, FAA Phantoms, Dunsfold 1980’s

9 Replies to “Chronology of Test Pilots”

  1. LS
    I’m searching for w/c L. A. Lynn, DFC, DSO, his career. I know him through my study for 320 Dutch Squadron. He flew with my ancestor “Cees Waardenburg”.
    For 320 and 180 Squadron. After the crash of Lt. Cees Waardenburg, DFC, on 30 August 1944, with the Michell FW268-EV-O, I lost track with Commander Lynn.
    I hope you have for me information about his movements (life) after the mentioned crash.
    Thank you in advance.
    (Sorry for my simpele school english) I’m Dutch and not experienced to use the english language.
    Wim van Kamperdijk

  2. Also missing RV (Fred) Frederiksen, AMRAAM integration and live firing trials Harrier FRS.2 (FA.2) for which he received Queen’s Commendation for Valuable Service in the Air 1994. Also Harrier & Sea Harrier production test flying and delivery flights (Sea Harrier to India, Hawks to Malaysia).

  3. I agree, sorry if I missed out Rod Fred as we knew him, a great character known for a pause before replying to radio calls while he had a puff on a fag ! Sadly that’s what got him while the Argenentinians couldn’t, he was a Falklands Ace and instrumental in the development of the Mid-Life Update FRS2 / FA2 Sea Harrier.

  4. Anyone know of a Pilot called Hind, who was involved with the P1127? He was my next door neighbour when I was a schoolboy. Always wondered what happened to him and his family.

  5. No reference to ‘Ted’ Tennant, who I understood had been Folland CTP on the Gnat? I had heard of Dick Whittington but was unaware of the folland connection (I believe his family was tragically involved in the Hs125 accident at Dunsfold in November 1974(?)…
    Ted lived in the early 60s near Cranleigh and (via a mutual acquaintance) I inherited from him a large model of the Folland Midge single-seater – donated just this year to Brooklands Museum.

  6. Hi, I helped dig up a Dunsfold based Mitchell that crashed on Esher Common just after WW2 ended. Think it was a midair collision
    The prop blade was massive , I kept an instruction plate from the lower turret

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