Pilots of 320 Squadron Facebook page.

Son of airgunner Richard Heinrich Tessers. I have start a special new webpage on Facebook in memory of all pilots and crews who was at the sq.320 RAF/MLD Mitchell´s at Dunsfold, also at the training schools and later at 8 okt. moved to Melsbroek Belgium. If you have pictures of crews in front of the Mitchell of the Dutch ones, if you know that family had a family or crew member with the sq.320 RAF/MLD let me know that they can tell their stories and put pictures on my webpage, here is the link.

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  1. My father, Lt Cdr Thijs de Groot was squadron leader of 320 (Dutch) Squadron stationed at Dunsfold. He received the DFC. He is mentioned in the book The Flying Dutchman, pages 123 and 124, by Hans van der Klop.

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