Queen Wilhelmina visits Dunsfold

In 1940 no. 320 (Netherlands) Squadron RAF was formed by members of the Royal Netherlands Naval Air Service, who had flown from the Netherlands when it was invaded. On 12 June 1944 Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands visited Dunsfold to award medals. In all, 320 Squadron were awarded the Dutch Military Order of William four times and the Dutch Airman’s Cross, 176 times. 

The Queen arrives in a fairly rare aircraft the De Havilland DH95 Flamingo. The film also shows how extensive were the dispersal areas to the South and East of Dunsfold airfield.

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  1. The DH Flamingo appears to be The Lady of Glamis, a reference to the then Queen, perhaps?…. unless it refers to the unfortune Janet Douglas who was burned as a witch! And a Mosquito in D-Day markings too!

  2. DH 35 Flamingo R2766 Lady of Glamis was part of the King’s Flight – I think the aircraft was generally unloved by RAF and civil operators. They were involved in a few crashes too, and were withdrawn from service after a pretty short tenure.

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