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Fusing Point Building

16ft span Nissen Hut located within the WWII Bomb Stores Site. A concrete roadway splits and enters the structure to allow the bomb ladened trolleys to be fused ready for deployment before being taken to the aircraft.

Fusing Point Building
Fusing Point Hangar, former bomb store. (Compare with view from 1943 below.) Photo Dave Yoxall
ROYAL AIR FORCE: 2ND TACTICAL AIR FORCE, 1943-1945. (CH 12840) A bomb train leaves the ordnance-store at Dunsfold, Surrey, for loading into North American Mitchells of No. 2 Group for an attack on flying-bomb sites in northern France, (‘Noball’). Copyright: © IWM. Original Source: http://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205210537

Please note: The aerodrome is private land and an active airfield. Access is not permitted to some of the buildings and features and we strongly discourage access without permission.

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