VTOL sites

The main runway has the rarity of the Vertical Take Off and Landing pads, (VTOL) used for the tethering of jump jets such as the Harrier, Kestrel and the P.1127  . These are also located on aprons that but up against the main runway and are within the Operational Readiness Platform [ ORP]. Beneath these gratings is a large void chamber to take the hot air, condensation and gases from the downdraft of the jet engines of the aircraft. Also within the eastern Engine Testing Pen there is a similar arrangement that is a unique feature to Dunsfold.

P.1127 tethered on the VTOL pans at the end of the runway
Early film of P.1127 tethered on the VTOL pans
Underside of VTOL Pads
VTOL Pad 1960

VTOL Pad, covered 2016

Please note: The aerodrome is private land and an active airfield. Access is not permitted to some of the buildings and features and we strongly discourage access without permission.

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